Adventure Activities In The Hunter Valley

Whether you are into extreme thrills or family engagement the Hunter Valley has everything you need to satisfy your levels of stimulation.


Four Legged friends

If you want to ease yourself into some adventure with your family and satisfy every little girls princess fantasy you can go for a ride by horse drawn carriage, maybe you are looking for a romantic pick up then going for a clip clop around the streets of the Hunter region is the perfect partner activity. If you think you can handle a little more than you can mount the horse and go horseback riding through some of the beautiful scenic fields around the Hunter Valley. Whether you have never been on a horse or consider yourself an expert rider it caters for for all levels.

Hunter Valley Horse riding
Hunter Valley Horse and Carriage

Bouncing off the walls


If you are looking for something a little different but extremely enjoyable AND encounter  low-impact workout at the same time then the Indoor trampoline is the activity you are looking for. This activity can provide you with health and fitness benefits. While you are trying to bounce each other to the roof. A solid trampoline workout can effectively work out the muscles in your abdominals, legs, thighs and buttocks which is great for the kids movement but also be sexy for the partner so don your spandex or sports shorts grab a pair of socks that are not holey and bounce your way down to the trampoline centre.

hunter Valley gravity x trampoline

Speed Wheels


For the adrenaline junkies we have some motorsports to get the juices pumping, so surprise your loved one, your kid who has always wanted to do it your mates with some laps around  around the Rally school course. If you are really looking for some heart racing adrenaline then you can get your need for speed for a ‘hot lap’ with the instructor and buy the recording of the whole experience! Don't worry there are plenty of places to sit and view for the other friends and family who are scaredy cats and don't want to join.

For those that want to get a little lower to the ground try your luck at the Go Karting track. With exciting 4-stroke go Karts doesn't matter if you have 3 years of life experience or 99 you can enjoy this new one or come back time and time again the choice is totally yours. The junior designed carts or the twin seaters means that there’s no one that can't enjoy this adventure ride. To add to this memorable experience they have now opened a Mount Putt-a-Rama and a brand new Archery Range. So go and lose yourself for the day so you are worn out and ready for the best night sleep you have had after coming down from the high.

Hunter Valley Speedcar
Hunter Valley Go Cart

Sky High Fun


If you are looking for some sky high fun then take a ride in some Vintage planes and an open cockpit for a totally unique experience. It take up to 3 people for take a loved one, a mate or a child in one of two 1940s Tigermoth's, and a rare 1941 Boeing Stearman. If you have always wanted to fly in a cessna then we can also fulfil that wish and get you soaring high over the Newcastle/hunter region and getting the most out the sky and your joy flight. If you are thinking of a unique way to propose to your loved one or you just want to get a bird's-eye view of the picturesque landscape of the Hunter Region then take a glorious ride in a Helicopter. There is absolutely no better way to enjoy the breathtaking views from high above the vineyards Except for the Hot Air ballooning adventure. Up before the crack of dawn you will be launched up in an amazing air balloon to see the sun rise over the Hunter Valley and go for a leisurely ride above the tree tops with the wind against your face. For the most mind blowing adrenaline, try launching yourself from a plane from 1400ft and see if the wind changes your face! This not for the faint hearted or the young kids but grab some mates or your loved one and create memories you will never forget.

Hunter valley Vintage planes
Hunter Valley Cessna
Helicopter Hunter Valley

Two Wheeled Fun


If you enjoy other adventures but on two wheels we have Segway tours which is great for families with kids from the age of 11. Twist and turn through the vineyards and surrounding bushlands. It's off road, free from cars and out of this world! Go on adventure searching for Kangaroos and even wombats. For kids 8 to 98 it doesn't matter they have something suitable for everyone go on an express,a sunset or a picnic cruise. If you can squeeze 3 bums in you can em enjoy your partner's company and your best friend.

Hunter valley Segway-Ride-

Small Ball fun


For the golfers among you the Hunter caters for all those keen you can go hit a ball around many of the many luxury golf courses with your mates or loved one challenge them to an under par target and round on them later! If you are looking to use your skills in a slightly different way then you can try your short stroke skills on the putt putt course, it's great for showing off your skills to your mates, bringing the family along or nice date with the loved one. You can then move onto your long range swing while hitting balls into the water on purpose or once.  

Hunter Valley Golf
Hunter Valley aqua-golf

Beautiful Walks 


For the less action and more explore adventurer there are some Walks are specially organised for small to medium groups and are led and directed by experienced guides that know the area. You will get to explore and discover rare native wildlife as well as indigenous sites and learn about the unique Australian bush land throughout your exploring expedition. Or you can just choose your own adventure and explore the beautiful Hunter Valley Gardens stop off in the storybook garden loose yourself in the flowers and the waterfall or ride on the many rides open during events and school Holidays suitable for the young and young at heart!

Hunter Valley Hiking

Whether you are seeking fun and new experiences with your mates and friends or you're after a  fun Family holiday or that romantic getaway The Hunter region is your adventure playground, stay, play explore and indulge in the Hunter and guaranteed you will be wanting to come back for more time and time again