Hunter Valley Vineyard Tours.

A vineyard tour is an agricultural experience, a farm or plantation tour.


So what will you get to do?


On a vineyard tour you get to stroll among the vines, see up-close, how they’re pruned and what the different varietals look like.

And that’s not all:

Some vineyards offer a self guided tour, others have guided tutored tour where you learn about  how wine grapes are grown, watered, fertilised, the types of and history of the vines, types of grapes grown and style wines it can produce, the harvesting methods and more.

You're probably wondering: What's the best time to go on a vineyard tour.

If you plan your trip to the Hunter Valley  around harvest time, (December to February) you will see the grapes in full bloom. You may even have an opportunity to handle the grapes, and experience cutting the vine, and tasting the grape.


Accommodation on a vineyard?


Some vineyards offer accommodation


There are many smaller vineyards in the Hunter Valley that do not make their own wine as they do not have a winery or offer grouped vineyard tours, but they do offer accommodation on site, so you can spend the night right on the vineyard.