Hunter Valley Wine Tasting tours + Cellar Doors.

A wine tasting tour, this is where you sample, discuss and purchase wines. The host educates you about the wines, style of wines, their winery history, and the general how to of wine consumption. The newcomers can learn plenty, how to pour,  swirl, sniff and discard. Typically you get a couple of mouthfuls in a glass (30ml), and try at least a few varieties. This is where you will see the is a bucket for you to spit the wine into, to preserve the pallet, or to avoid becoming intoxicated.

A good wine tasting host will keep you entertained as well as educating you. They will not judge, love to teach the absolute beginner and will share knowledge and teach you the absolute basics like swirling and smelling. In Australia we refer to this as a cellar door. You typically will not see the grape presses, or barrels, but have a good sampling from with a bar setting, table and chairs setting, or everyone just standing around a barrel.

Some of the wines you have at the hunter valley wine tasting tours, are only available for purchase from that cellar door, or through their wine club. This makes a unique and valuable experience for you the tourist, and also gives added value to the winery, makes their club membership valuable, and allows them to set the price they need or want, without the pressure of getting squeezed by the middle man (avoiding retail or being their own

Wine tasting tours allow you the opportunity to visit one or many wineries in the region.