Hunter Valley Winery Tours

A Winery tour is a behind the scenes, how it is made, tour of the operation.

The winery tour is more about discovering how the wine is made, similar to a brewery tour if you have ever been on one. Wineries are all about the processing of the grapes into wine.

The winery tour, may include a walk around of the premises. You may view things like the fermenting vessels, the grape press (crusher or stomper), get to view  the barrels or thanks where it is stored for the aging and flavouring process.

The winery may  bottle the wine onsite, so you may see the bottling room , and see the process, of how the bottles filled and capped (or Corked) and boxed for transport, or cellared.

A good  guide will explain each stage in detail, talk about the history and unique qualities of their winery and perhaps have a joke or two to mix in. And you can be sure they have an answer ready to any questions you have.

One would assume or hope, for a little bit of sampling at the end, and the opportunity to purchase.

Not all wineries grow their own grapes, so you may go on a winery tour,and not see any grapes growing in a field outside (a vineyard).  If you were interested in the vines you would be wanting to have a vineyard tour.